English Learners

Kelvin Edwards
Federal Progr
701 North Church Street
Jackson, NC 27845
(252) 534-1371 ext. 2243

 Luisa Palacio
ESL Teacher
BASE:  Central Elementary School


What is ESL?  ESL is a program of techniques, methodology and special curriculum designed to teach EL (English Learners) students English language skills, which may include listening, speaking, reading, writing, study skills, content vocabulary, and cultural orientation.

What is EL?  EL stands for English Learners.  It identifies a national-origin minority student whose primary language is not English.

All students, PreK-12 must complete the home language survey at the time they are registered or are enrolled in school.  The home language survey is the screening tool used to determine if a student is a language minority student.  If the answer to any question on the Home Language Survey is "a language other than English", the student must take the W-APT, an initial test to determine EL program eligibility.

EL students will be served in a small group pull-out setting, based on grade level and language proficiency level.