Revised Lesson Plan Template

During the 2019-2020 Academic Year, Northampton County Schools' instructional staff will utilize a uniform lesson plan template.  The template provides for adequate planning for gradual release, academic language development, differentiation and assessment of learning.

The weekly lesson plans will be uploaded using a google form to allow for feedback and coaching from building level administration, instructional coaches and district leadership.  

Please click here to download the lesson plan in Word.  If you need it in another format, please email Mrs. Faulkner at

Revised Lesson Plan Template

Revised Lesson Plan Template for K-5 ELA Only

Revised Lesson Plan Template for Exceptional Children and AIG Pullout (In Development Stage)


Please upload only one course and one week's lesson plan at a time.  If you collaborate on a lesson plan, each teacher must still submit individually.  You should put all collaborators' names on the lesson plan but each must submit. (ex. Core plus EC inclusion teacher).  The naming convention must be:

Teacher Last Name and first initial_School_week of plan_Grade Level_Content 
(ex:  FaulknerG_CentralOffice_August 26-30_Grade 5-8_Drama)

Please upload via this google form.  

Assistance with understandings the 5E Learning Cycle

NASA 5E Learning  Cycle Explanation