Integrated Services

The Technology Department leads district efforts to effectively integrate technology into the Northampton County Schools instructional program. The department

  • Promotes use of appropriate content-based, instructional technology strategies by teachers.
  • Provides various professional development opportunities (just in time, workshops, conferences, summer institutes) and support to teachers implementing instructional technology strategies.
  • Coordinates planning, implementation, and evaluation of the school and district level instructional technology plans.
  • Provides oversight of the implementation of the NC Educational Technology Plan in the areas of integration, educational technology resources and professional development.
  • Evaluates, selects and purchases instructional computers and peripherals for classroom instruction.
  • Reviews, evaluates and purchases instructional and administrative software.
  • Provides resources and differentiated training for teachers for effective integration. This includes opportunities for teachers to fulfill the district technology professional development requirements.
  • Partners with building and district level administrators in evaluating the performance and success of staff and technology resources.
  • Serves as liaison between NCS and the educational technology community to bring successful methodologies, partnerships and grant opportunities into the district.

The Technology Department also exists to support individuals and departments carrying out the mission of Northampton County Schools. The department installs and supports the technology used by students, teachers, administrators and other support staff in learning, instruction, and the delivery of services to the parents and children of the district. The department:

  • specifies, builds, maintains, and supports the technology Infrastructure of the district, incorporating systems and networks in all buildings into a comprehensive metro-Ethernet network
  • provides support to users of NCS administrative computing systems, including the PowerSchool Student Information System, Financial Management System, Human Resources Information System, Child Nutrition System, and associated subsystems and databases
  • supports the networks and computing hardware which provide the infrastructure used by the district's students and teachers in their pursuit of academic excellence
  • provides software and hardware systems, as well as targeted staff development, to provide information for data-driven decision making, and the measurement of student progress
  • provides assistance, trains, and coordinates activities of school-based support staff engaged in student record keeping
  • provides technical support for the use of technology in instructional settings, including the implementation of instructional application systems, instructional computer laboratories, media centers, and classrooms
  • installs, maintains, and provides support for computers, networks, and software in both administrative and instructional settings
  • manages and maintains telephone and voice mail services
  • provides and manages hardware and software vehicles for both in and out of district communication, maintaining Web servers, intranet servers, e-mail servers, calendars, and domain servers
  • performs the school district's records management and archival responsibilities
  • implements the school district's technology plan, which is intended to: integrate voice, video and data networks capable of providing communication at the school, district, state and national level; improve student and teacher access to technological resources; and establish training programs and incentives to enhance teaching and learning through educational technologies