First Aid for Schools

Basic First Aid

  1. Choking:  If person cannot speak or cough; Perform the Heimlich maneuver by standing behind victim wrapping arms around their waist, place fist just above navel with thumb facing inward, grasp fist with other hand and give abdominal thrusts in an (in and up motion) until foreign object dislodged.  If unable to dislodge obstruction; call 911 and initiate CPR.  Call parent.
  2. Broken Bones:  If person has pain, swelling, deformity, and loss of mobility; Do not move the person, support the affected area, send to ER via rescue and/or parent.
  3. Cuts:  If person suffers a laceration; Apply pressure, elevate wound above heart level; If severe, send to doctor/ER via rescue and/or parent.
  4. Head Injury:  If person suffers head injury; Assess for alertness, vision deficits, lack of coordination, headache, nausea/vomiting; Call school nurse and parent; Call 911 for loss of consciousness or seizures.
  5. Neck/Spinal Injury:  If suspect this type of injury; Do not move individual; stabilize head, neck, and back.  Call 911 and parent.
  6. Muscle/Joint Injury:  If suspect strain or sprain; Rest, Ice, Compression with ACE bandage, Elevation.  Call parent and/or school nurse.
  7. Allergic Reactions:  If notice rash, hives, eyes itching/swelling/redness; Administer Benadryl if prescribed and call parent.  If notice difficulty breathing, nausea/vomiting, severe rash; Administer Epipen if prescribed and call 911 and parent.
  8. Eye Injury:  If individual suffers severe blow or laceration to the eye; Call school nurse and parent and refer to optometrist or doctor.  If student has bruising from minor injury; apply ice.  If student has foreign object in eye; Flush with water. 
  9. Dental Injury:  If student loses permanenet tooth; Place tooth in cup of milk, place gauze in socket to stop bleeding, Call parent and refer to dentist immediately.
  10. Fainting:  Lay on back, elevate feet; If not easily aroused, call parent and 911.
  11. Impaled Object:  If individual has object impaled in any area; Do not remove, apply gauze around the object, call parent and/or 911.
  12. Nosebleeds:  Have person sit down and lean forward slightly, pinch nose over soft part with thumb and index fingers for 5-10 minutes, do  not blow nose as this will increase bleeding.  If excessive bleeding, apply ice over bridge of nose, if bleeding persists for 15-20 minutes, call parent.
  13. Human Bites:  Wash immediately with soap and water, call school nurse.
  14. Abdominal Pain:  If in lower right abdomen, fever, nausea/vomiting; call parent and refer to doctor immediately.

Please do not hesitate to contact your school nurse for any questions or emergencies that may arise at your school at anytime. 

CPR and First Aid certification are offered once annually free of charge by the school nurses.  CPR is offered in the fall, and first aid is offered in the spring.  If your position requires you to receive this training, please attend these trainings when offered.  If you miss them, it will be your responsibility to obtain certification on your own at your expense.  CPR and First Aid certification must be renewed every 2 years per the American Heart Association and the American Safety and Health Institute guidelines.